Monday, November 14, 2011

Tokyo 東京

Visual Kei Venues in Tokyo

Large Venues (Only the biggest visual kei bands, usually seating):

Zepp Tokyo

Tokyo Budoh-kan
NHK Hall
Shibuya WOMB

Shibuya CC Lemon Hall

Shinkiba Studio Coast

Tokyo Dome

Smaller Venues (usually more visual kei, and standing room only):

Shibuya Club Quattro (lots of non visual-kei too)

Takadanobaba AREA (almost all v-kei, very small)

Ikebukuro EDGE
(so far they don`t even have any info on their website, but they have a map anyways I think)

Ikebukuro Cyber (some v-kei)
Shibuya o-east & o-west (crest and nest don't really have v-kei)

Shibuya AX
Akasaka Blitz
Ebisu Liquidroom
Shibuya Boxx
Shinjuku Loft
Shibuya WWW

Ikebukuro Black Hole (very small, almost all v-kei)
Shibuya Rex

Ruido~ k4 shinjuku, Shibuya k2, Ikebukuro k3 (small places, lots of v-kei) 
Holiday Shinjuku

Meguro Rockmaykan

Shinjuku FNV

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